Last week’s EU Tech Chamber‘s Environment Council Webinar on the topic “Water Pollution, what can be done” was more than successful!

Within this session, we dove deep into a close inspection of how the contamination of water bodies is evident and how water pollution is an appalling problem that over the past decades has been getting worse. We also discussed how many industries and sectors are now approaching this issue through innovative and revolutionary initiatives, advocating and acknowledging the importance of conserving water resources and abating pollution.

Biggest thanks to our four great panelists Rolf BalthesSusanne Wedin-SchildtAshoke BoseIrene Díez Ruiz and Krilen R., for your informed insights and reflections into these big and important topics of today’s day and age. We are looking forward to continuing this conversation in our Environment Council.

Also thanks to María Alejandra Pulido as Director of our Environment Council for moderation, to Marcin Kiełt Kielt for the Welcome Speech and to Florian von Tucher, EU Tech Chamber´s Chairman, for the instructive Eu Tech Chamber introduction.

Finally, sincere thanks to all our participants. It was a pleasure to receive so much positive feedback. Thank you all for your attendance and participation.

Stay tuned for our next Environment Council Panel on July 23rd, with the topic “10 Key Recommendations how to Solve the Biggest Environmental Problems”, for which you can already register on the link below!

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