What an amazing EU Tech Chamber Digital Transformation Digital Panel on the topic “Importance of Cyber Security in Digital Transformation” yesterday! Fantastic discussion, different points of view, and a lot of experiences and knowledge shared!

Sincere thanks for such a great webinar to our panelists Roland Haas, Professor at International Institute of Information Technology BangaloreHaris Hamidovic, CISO at EKI Microcredit FoundationGraham Stanforth MBCS, Principle Cyber Security Awareness Expert at DEKRA DIGITAL for sharing your valuable knowledge on the field of Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation. It was a pleasure to have you!

We also would like to thank Milos Stankovic Co-Founder of Pyron Technology for his inspirational introduction and for leading this lively session.

Stay tuned for our next webinar on July 15th about “Importance of Cyber-Security in Digital Transformation” and register now:
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