14 September – EU Tech Chamber German Chapter – Topic: Digitization as Enabler of Healthcare

Ethical or sustainable finance takes into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that are affecting borrowers. It is not a new concept but will be a dominant investor topic of the 21st century. Ethical principles have been already applied in internal development project finance to determine, assess and manage environmental and social risk assessed in the […]

15 September – EU Tech Chamber Africa Chapter – Topic: Whitepaper Launch – 10 Key Recommendations on “How to Achieve Business Success in Africa”

The answer to overcoming challenges in order to compete successfully in the African marketplace is equally important for today as for tomorrow. Africa can be described as a multilingual, multicultural, multi-ethnic, and multiracial continent with over 55 countries and the whole idea of making an investment decision in Africa can be challenging yet rewarding in respect […]

7 September – EU Tech Chamber Finance Commission – Topic: Whitepaper Launch – 10 Key Recommendations for Europe’s Finance Industry

How to successfully reduce the gap between Europe and the two superpowers – US and China? The Finance Commission of the EU Tech Chamber has produced 10 recommendations for the European Finance Industry. These recommendations follow the main strategy of the Chamber to basically reduce the gap between Europe and the two superpowers. Participate with us in this […]

24 August – EU Tech Chamber Mobility Council – Topic: Affordable and environmentally friendly Mobility

Globalization and growing prosperity are also increasing the demand for mobility in emerging countries. Which pain points are known there and how can we support affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly mobility with know-how from Europe? Please allow us to welcome you to our upcoming EU Tech Chamber Mobility Council Digital Panel on “Affordable and environmentally friendly Mobility” on […]

25 August – EU Tech Chamber Latin America Chapter – Topic: Whitepaper Launch:10 Recommendations how to be successful in LatAm

Every country in Latin America has a unique business environment with distinct attributes that can help or hinder a company’s efforts to expand beyond the country’s borders.  The EU Tech Chamber Latin America Chapter collected recommendations on how to be successful in the Latin American Market. Our analysis includes: understand the local cultures, relationships, languages, barriers, […]

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